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I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils four years ago and honestly, I was completely skeptical. I thought okay, they smell amazing but what is it? What do they do? What was being mixed together? How much are they? Are they worth it? Are they safe? I had all those questions running through my mind but honestly I never questioned when I bought Clorox, comet, and other major brand cleaning supplies, etc..

"Why the use of so many dangerous chemicals?" Why were these companies adding all these unnecessary ingredients? Why is there so much sickness?" With 84,000 chemicals registered for commerce in the United States, new chemicals being invented daily and growing scientific evidence of chemicals’ effects on human and environmental health, chemical regulation has become a pressing concern. Source: Ensia I am a truth seeker, I wanted to know the truth and if there was a better way of living, I wanted to know how.

So our journey began of living a toxic-free life and minimizing the use of the many harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, skincare products and food products that we use to love and buy faithfully.

Young Living has brought pure satisfaction to my family! What a complete blessing to making our transition to a more healthy lifestyle with the steadfast support of essential oils!

I want to share this blessing with you and the many wonderful opportunities. Please feel free to contact me for more information, we offer free webinars, free classes, free access to all of our amazing educational support groups when you sign up with us.

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