Saturday, November 11, 2017

Firmly Determined


I refuse to believe what I do is unimportant, that it's a job I can pay someone else to do. These duties are mine and no other's. And they are not just responsibility, but privilege, no matter how messy the job or hectic the day. 

I refuse to believe that loving and submitting to my husband makes me weak and spineless. It takes much more strength to submit your will to another's than to bow at the altar of Self. We are a team not to be reckoned with...fighting spiritual battles side by side, each in the role God has called us to.

I refuse to believe that pregnancy is too hard, the days too long, the work is unrewarded, the groceries too costly or the laundry mountain too high. 

I refuse to believe the devil's lie that I'm wasting my gifts, wasting my intelligence, wasting my youthfulness, or wasting the best years of my life by being a homemaker.

I know better.

I am a queen. Queen of my husband's heart, queen of the schedule this family operates under, queen of this tiny sliver of God's Kingdom called Home. My words and convictions have the power and influence to shape this nation's future.


To look past the temporary inheritance of a bigger house, a great 401K, plenty of leisure funds and only enough children we can afford to send to name-brand colleges.


To live life swimming upstream for Jesus no matter how angry the other fish get. My priorities will not be determined by what society expects of me.      

I'm on a divine mission. Little souls hang in the balance. And I refuse to believe they're not worth the fight.


To see a bigger picture instead. 

Resolved; Firmly determined to do something.

-- Bambi Moore
Queen of the Home 
by Jennifer M. McBride 

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