Friday, November 16, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood

 I just wanted to share a fun way to practice with children "writing skills." My son is in Kindergarten and to make it fun and interesting to him (it gets him eager to read.) I grab a note pad and we write notes to each-other.

I encourage my son in the notes; I will write simple things that are easy for him to read and sound out. Here is an example;" I thank God for you! You are a blessing in my life."  " Have a great day at school, God bless you." "God loves you so much and so do I." 

I pray you will have fun with the little ones that are in your life. Sharing GOD'S love and encouraging one another is so important. It is a joy to serve the LORD. I am reminded to count my blessings.

 If you train your children, they will give you peace.
    They will bring delight to you. 
{Proverbs 29:17}

Cashius 5 yrs. Old
Jayda 7yrs. Old

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