Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tea Time with GOD: Time Alone

                                                                           Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Jesus reminds us of the importance and the key to spiritual growth is spending time alone with GOD.
“With the crowd dispersed, HE climbed the mountain so he could be by himself and pray. HE stayed there alone, late into the night." 

Prayer is a vital part of my life, it is being connected to the source of life: Our Glorious Heavenly Father.

Some of my sweetest moments have been in prayer, talking to GOD about every aspect of life, sharing my feelings, my discouragements, my joys, and most importantly sharing how thankful I am for who HE is. GOD has become apart of my everyday life. It is very “Normal", I give HIM, all of my life, the rest of my days that I shall live. Our GOD, our LORD and Savior is not far off, HIS love is tangible, HIS Love is real, HIS Love is extravagant.

HIS LOVE is breathtaking, I simply cannot get enough of JESUS! HE fills every empty space, every broken piece in my heart, HE mends it. I pray whenever I can, in the car, in the bathroom, in my heart, HE is always available! The LORD has never let me down. Not every prayer of mine has been answered, O but how HE gives me strength to carry on through trying times. When I want to give up, HE fills me with brand new strength and new hope.

JESUS, never neglected to pray and spend time with the FATHER. 
" [Jesus] climbed a mountain to pray. HE was there all night in prayer before GOD." {Luke 6:12}

It is important for us to make time, to listen to our Heavenly Father through His Word, the bible. HIS Words give us strength, hope, encouragement, joy, comfort, peace, GOD-confidence, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and so much more. HE reveals Himself through His Word and through prayer, through a heart that cries out to Him, for HIS word says; "*Anyone* who trust in Him will never be put to shame.” {Romans 10:11}

Let us call upon the Name of the LORD, Let us, Trust HIM. Let us, turn to HIM, let us cry out to be filled with His Love, to be filled with the Holy Spirit,  But most importantly Let us make time for HIM, HE is so worthy of all our time, strength and energy. HE is worthy of all our praise.

Glorious Heavenly Father,
 fill us with Your spirit, help us LORD to make time for You, preoccupy us with your goodness and love. Give us hearts that long for YOU! For nothing in this world could satisfy us. You satisfy us with Your Unfailing, Merciful LOVE. You turn our darkness into light. YOU fill us, with Brand New Joy. Please LORD, Give us hearts that hunger and thirst for YOU and YOUR WORD. Give us hearts, O LORD, that love YOU more and more, each day.                 

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  1. This is so true! So often the busy pace of life just dominates our lives (especially Moms) and we neglect our alone time with the Lord...thank you for the reminded to spend time alone with God.



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