Saturday, February 18, 2012

A heart of peace

A heart at peace, gives life to the body ... {Proverbs 14:30}NIV

I know often, I must tell myself; "Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you." {Psalm 116:7 NIV} Life has many challenges, we sometimes have to face many storms, perhaps trial, after trial, pain after pain, heartache after heartache but all these aches and pains keep me running to my Savior and they keep me humble. They help me realize How much I need our Heavenly Father. There is no way I could with stand any of this with out HIM. O, when I run to the throne of grace, when I lay my burdens at HIS feet, when I run to my quiet place {literally any room} to find solitude, so that I can be be still and quiet before the LORD, really, I don't have to say anything at all. At times, all I can do is be still before the LORD and just lay my broken heart at HIS feet. O, the Peace the LORD gives when I lay my burdens down and TRUST HIM! Whew! I tell ya, it seems trial after trial some days, and I realize I have LOTS to learn and all I can say is LORD, mold me, shape me, transform me into the woman YOU want me to be! HE truly gives peace which surpasses all understanding.

Besides, if my life was a bliss {smooth sailing} all day every day, I would probably have nothing to write about and I would be a very selfish person. O, GOD is good! I choose to turn my eyes and focus off my storms and turn my eyes and focus on my LORD! ♥   

Dear LORD,
Help us to stop and consider YOUR wondrous Wonders! Even in the midst of storms, let us find Joy, Peace and Contentment in YOU. Please give us a heart of Peace. Thank YOU precious Heavenly Father, that, when we cry out to You, when we humble ourselves, or just be still before YOU, O' Thank YOU LORD, for the peace YOU give! Please LORD, continuously fill our hearts with YOUR abundant Peace and Love! LORD, we Glorify YOU. 

Stop and consider God's wonders. {Job 37:14} NIV

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