Friday, October 21, 2011

In the Hands of GOD

For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps.

 He never sinned,
      nor ever deceived anyone.
  He did not retaliate when he was insulted,
      nor threaten revenge when he suffered.
   He left his case in the hands of God,
      who always judges fairly.
  He personally carried our sins
      in his body on the cross
   so that we can be dead to sin
      and live for what is right.
   By his wounds
      you are healed.


Extremely Grateful, for GOD'S Grace and Mercy. What wonderful news, GOD has given us; "To leave our case in GOD'S hands" because He, "Judges fairly" and that's a promise. We do not need to seek revenge nor do we need to speak careless words of insult. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and draw from HIS living water; asking for HIS help in all areas of our lives. He is our Defender.


I can admit that it's not always easy for me to endure pain and suffering patiently. I immediately, want to take matters into my own hands or I foolishly say things only to have regret and heartache, for careless words spoken. GOD is Just in all HE does. HIS ways are perfect. To Trust HIM is to patiently endure and I must TRUST that no matter what my eyes may see and no matter what my ears may hear. The LORD is there in the mist of every trial and suffering. HE is in control no matter what. HE is Sovereign. The question is will I truly believe HE will do what HE says HE will do? I must TRUST and leave all my cases in the hands of GOD.   


Dear Gracious Loving LORD,

Please help me to believe every word you say. Oh I believe but please LORD, help me with my disbelief. Lord please forgive me for all the times I've jumped and ran ahead of You. Only to find myself more frustrated and confused. Help me to extend mercy and grace. When I am offended please LORD let me extend kindness, mercy and grace. I do not want to retaliate with insult for insult. Help me to follow in YOUR steps. Give me strength to stand strong for what is right. There is no need for me to ever have to seek revenge, for YOU judge fairly and I TRUST YOU LORD. Thank You for who You are. Please enable me to be the Woman YOU have called me to be.   


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