Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Respect he Needs

...And the wife Must RESPECT her husband. 
{Ephesians 5:33} emphasis added

Everyday, I must choose to respect my husband unconditionally. I realize it takes much effort and I cannot implement "unconditional respect" in my own strength. I must draw from the living water. (ask the LORD in constant prayer to help me, give me a desire, give me new words, a fresh perspective, make me RESILIENT, love deeply. "unconditional respect" takes practice and effort. 

Good morning my handsome king, wishing you a great day! Thanks so much for all your help! I respect your hard working hands. I Thank you for those strong muscles, you help me take out the trash. I appreciate your help! I respect the man that you are. You are bold and fearless! When I hear a noise that startles me in the night, you heroically arise without hesitation to inspect our quarters. I respect your selfless acts of commitment in serving our country, you are dedicated with courage and honor. I respect how you faithfully wake up each morning and work diligently through out the days. I Respect your integrity and commitment to our family. You commute hours to return home from work. You are a great provider, a brilliant financial advisor. I respect all your financial decisions and respect your leadership. I respect the faithful man that you are. You are the greatest boss a woman can have. Thank you for being supportive in many areas of my life. I appreciate all your efforts, all the goodwill that is in you. I respect the father you are, you are an incredible dad to our children. I respect your continuous effort to communicate effectively and listening to my hearts cry. Thank you for your listening ears. I know I make many mistakes but I thank you, that you have not given up on me. May I always captivate you by my love and therefore render unconditional respect to you all the days of my life.   

I love you massively... And respect you immensely... Xoxoxo

Wishing you a wonderful day ♥♥♥

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  1. Just saw your note on my blog...it came at a time when it was so much needed. Thank you. I LOVED this entry. It was written in a way that I will remember it always.



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