Friday, September 23, 2011

A Love so Strong

How can I deny or contain a LOVE so STRONG?

 He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge... {Psalm 144:2}

God is the very breath I breathe, His Love is Indescribable, Unfailing and Gentle. He fills this empty vessel! He fills my heart with Love and compassion. A passion that overflows from His goodness.

Every moment I want to live for His Glory. What joy the LORD brings in ones life. Everyday is surrendering to the will of God letting Him take control of my every move. Though I walk through the Fires I am not burned. Though the waves come crashing, He sustains me still. I huger and thirst for Him. He is the living water, that I may drink and never thirst again.   

Everyday is a moment an opportunity to share your Faith to share the Love of Jesus. In a world so cruel yet one can say in the face of adversity "The LORD is my Strength and my Shield" He is my Hiding Place, my Shelter, my Strong Tower, my Deliver, my Protector, my Counselor, my Fortress, He is my Everything.

Heavenly Father,

I need you all the days of my life, I never want to be away from you ever again, Your Love is Beautiful, You are Holy, Awesome and Amazing. All of your ways are Just. You are Incredible, Magnificent and All Powerful, Almighty! How great thou art O LORD. I am so grateful Heavenly Father for who You Are and All that You are! You are Perfect and Just! You are the Peace which surpasses all understanding. You O LORD are my Joy! I worship you with all that I am, with all of my heart. You can have all of me! Shape me, mold me, transform me.   

I thank You LORD for all that You are! Your LOVE O LORD is STRONG.

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