Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Valuable Words

“Wise words are more valuable than much gold and many rubies.”
{Proverbs 20:15}

I know I must put my words into practice (be on guard) and not use my words carelessly. I need the Lord’s Grace, wisdom and knowledge to guide me and teach me. With all my heart I want be a wise woman who chooses her words wisely. I want to use my words to encourage and build up. I want to speak life. I want the law of kindness to be faithful upon my tongue. I pray, that I will be reverent in behavior and in speech. I desire to be a reverent woman and to please the Lord with all my heart.

Of course I fall short and make many mistakes but I am so thankful for God’s saving grace and His transforming power. We can accomplish anything through Christ our LORD. I must surrender to the will of God and always know that I need His help. Let us press on towards the Goal. He is so faithful to help us with all that we need.

"Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction." {Proverbs 18:20}

Dear Heavenly Father,
I need your guidance, I need your help with all things in my life. Please make me aware of the words I choose. May I make the most of every opportunity to be gracious and kind with the words I speak. May I honor and respect people with my words. Please pour your Holy Spirit upon me. Please give me kind, gracious, wise, respectful words to speak. Please let me be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to become angry. I thank You Lord for all that You are. Thank You for Your kindness, mercy and grace.

In Jesus Holy Mighty Name I pray.

A gracious woman gains respect… {Proverbs 11:16}

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